Albert Benjamin Simpson: 1843 - 1919


Albert Benjamin Simpson was born to James and Jane Simpson on Prince Edward Island on a cold December day in 1843. As a young boy, Simpson had to overcome serious health problems to obtain an education; nevertheless, he eventually graduated from Knox College, Toronto, in 1865. He became a Presbyterian minister and served congregations in Ontario, Kentucky, and New York. He and his wife, Margaret, had six children.

While in New York, Simpson’s overwhelming burden to preach the gospel led him to resign from his pastoral position and devote his efforts to reach the masses. Subsequently, he founded a mission organization, a college, established a publishing house, and authored more than seventy books, many hymns, and gospel songs. After spending several hours in prayer for missionaries, as was his habit, he greeted the Lord in glory at the age of seventy-six, having lived twice as long as doctors predicted.