Anne Ross Cousin: 1824 - 1906


Anne Ross Cundell Cousin was born in England, the only daughter of Ann and David Ross Cundell. Dr. Cundell was a surgeon who served at the Battle of Waterloo. He died when Anne was three, whereupon she and her mother resettled in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1847, Anne married William Cousin, a Scottish minister in Chelsea, London. They moved back to Scotland where their five children were born.

Around 1856, Mrs. Cousin was meditating on the letters of Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish Covenanter of the 1600s. While sewing, she would scribble down lines of poetry, ultimately weaving together expressions from thirty-six of his letters and his final words to create a poetic tapestry from which "O Christ, He Is the Fountain" derives.

Mrs. Cousin continued to published poems, hymns, and books. She died in Edinburgh at the age of eighty-two.