Charles Wesley: 1707 - 1788


Charles Wesley was born almost a month premature. His parents looked at his little motionless body and thought he was stillborn. Miraculously, he survived to become one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 18th Century.

While studying at Oxford, Charles and his brother John started the "Holy Club" to give themselves to Bible study, prayer, and visitation. Later, both brothers acknowledged that, at that time, they lacked a personal faith in Christ's saving grace.

However, being humbled by a failed missionary trip to Georgia in 1738, Wesley replaced his faith in his own efforts with faith in Christ's saving work and was "at peace with God."

The following five decades, Wesley helped lead the revival that spread throughout England. Convinced that what people sing is what they believe, he composed thousands of hymns. Charles Wesley died in his eighty-first year after having spent his life proclaiming: "Behold the Lamb!"