Howard Higashi: 1937 - 1998


Howard Higashi-a third-generation Hawaiian of Japanese Buddhist ancestry-was born to a Hawaiian sugar plantation foreman and his wife. Little did these parents imagine that their newborn infant was destined to become a melodious servant of Christ.

Growing up enjoying the easygoing environment of the island seemed unlikely to prepare Higashi's heart to be a desperate seeker of God. Nevertheless, paradise seemed to end when the father he adored died at the age of fifty-two. For the first time, Higashi began to question the meaning of life. He married Lily Agena in 1965, which brought some comfort to him.

In 1968, Higashi met a Christian whose daily living impressed him, thus drawing him to receive the Lord when he was thirty-one. He had a dynamic conversion that opened his wife to the gospel; she received the Lord soon afterward. The Higashis reached hundreds of college students and many relatives with the gospel of Christ.

Higashi later obtained a degree to become a high-school math teacher, but he chose to work full-time for the Lord instead, ministering from campus to campus, shepherding others, and writing spiritual songs. He was called home to Christ at the age of sixty-one.