William Spencer Walton : 1850 - 1906

William Spencer Walton was born in London to Charles and Martha Walton. Though frail, he enjoyed a pleasant childhood until age fifteen when his father died.

Saved at age twenty-two, he served the Lord first in evening evangelism, then in the British Isles fulltime, and lastly in South Africa. During his first trip there in 1888, hundreds were saved. Walton then returned to England to establish the Cape General Mission in 1889. While in England, he married Kathleen Dixon, who also served in South Africa. Sadly, after only ten months together, Kathleen died in childbirth.

In 1893, Walton married Lena Gibson, and they continued giving the gospel of Christ in South Africa through war, famine, and plagues. In 1904, the mission sent the Waltons with their three children to North America and Britain. During their travels, Walton was taken ill and died at the age of fifty-six.